At Rockstar, we love creating beautiful moving imagery.

Whether those images are part of a film, a cool motion GFX sequence for tour visuals or 3D animation used on a music video, we have a true passion for making the very best imagery we can.  This passion and never ending demand for perfection has kept Rockstar at the very forefront of the industry since we began and over the last 18 years has attracted the likes of Madonna, Pixar,  Autodesk, TBWA, Universal Records, Vivienne Westwood, Mission, The Prodigy. amongst many others.

Our passion for beautiful moving imagery causes us to constantly evolve.  Our minds never rest and are forever imagining, dreaming, thinking and creating.

The team at Rockstar all share one goal.  To take a brief from a client and not only match their expectations, but to go that one extra visual step further.  It is this thirst and desire that brings us into the studio each day to ensure that every project gets that extra award winning Rockstar detail and ethos.

We pride ourselves on approaching every project from an alternative angle and creative process.  We are unique in our thinking and for us, the idea is king.  No matter what creative toys we have, without a strong idea and theme, the project won’t succeed, hence why we always start on paper with a strong concept and from there attack the digital toys at our disposal.

It is this ethos that brings some of the worlds biggest clients to Rockstar.





Motion GFX and animation are a true love for us and we surround ourselves with the very best in creative toys. which include Cinema 4D, Maya and Houdini and all our beautiful imagery is rendered in Arnold or Pixar’s RenderMan.

We are obsessed with always running in a different direction from other agencies and studios.  It is what separates us from the rest and this ensures our creative style and visuals are second to none.

Rockstar has a long history of making stunning music videos and films and this experience has led us into the realm of creating a new breed of customer films for the likes of Autodesk and Milk VFX

Whilst we have access to the very latest in cameras, lenses and drones galore, it’s always about the idea first and then the tools second.  The camera is just a necessary piece of equipment to enable our ideas, style and ethos come to life.

As with everything we do at Rockstar, we always approach a film set from a fresh angle.  Thinking about creating as much onset, without relying on VFX.  Our lens flares are real, not comped, our hand held feel is just that…hand held, not a post effect.

We like to keep up to date with the  latest technology trends but we also search through the techniques and tools of the past and enjoy using vintage lenses and film.

We love creative tools and have invested heavily in our structure and pipeline to ensure that our projects retain their quality and style from the moment the idea is created to when the final film or animation is delivered.

Our beloved Flame 2018 suite is our not so secret weapon and is the hub of our studio, with the project management being handled by Shotgun.  We might be a small studio, but we run with the big boys and more often than not, we beat them.






We are always on the lookout for super talented Maya, Cinema 4D, Houdini 3D artists with experience in rendering in Arnold or Pixar RenderMan.

We’re also on the hunt for film makers, editors & all round creative wonder kids, so if you’d like to work with us, please send us a CV & Showreel to


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